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Folding Bridge Table And Chairs - Bamboo Kitchen Tables.

Folding Bridge Table And Chairs

folding bridge table and chairs

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folding bridge table and chairs - Iceberg 65149

Iceberg 65149 29 by 42 by 42-Inch Indestruc-Tables Too Round Table, Light Oak

Iceberg 65149 29 by 42 by 42-Inch Indestruc-Tables Too Round Table, Light Oak

Strong, sturdy, lightweight and portable Durable blow-molded, high-density polyethylene top Holds 1,500-Pound Evenly distributed Black colored ededge is dent and scratch-resistant Woodgrain inlay provides smooth writing surface Integral base design features powder coated oval legs for greater structural strength, scratch resistance and improved appearance Tables have a stacking detail which allows the units to nest when stacked for storage Width: N\A; Depth: N\A; Diameter: 42-Inch Height: 29-Inch

77% (19)

Great Fold Bridge

Great Fold Bridge

Leigh, Greater Manchester, UK.

This was taken back in October, but I only just found it on my hard disk. There was a slight breeze, so the trees are a little blurry, but I like the way the brickwork on the bridge itself came out.

Bridge Crossing

Bridge Crossing

M48 or T48 tank crossing a towed, folding bridge. (Note wheels under bridge). There is something added to the front of the tank. Maybe a mount for a mine roller?

folding bridge table and chairs

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